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Gilad Evrony

Gilad D. Evrony, MD PhD

Principal Investigator

Gilad received his undergraduate degree in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from MIT, and completed his MD and PhD at Harvard Medical School / Boston Children’s Hospital. After a Pediatrics residency at Mount Sinai Hospital, he joined NYU Langone as an Assistant Professor in the Center for Human Genetics and Genomics and the Departments of Pediatrics and Neuroscience.

Zachary Murphy

Research Associate

Zachary completed his undergraduate degree in Neuroscience as well as Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Rice University. At Rice, he spent time researching the neural basis of speech perception in Dr. Simon Fischer-Baum’s laboratory and serving as an Academic Fellow for several neuroscience courses. In the future, Zachary plans to obtain a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and has a particular interest in the molecular basis of neurodegenerative diseases. Outside of the lab, he likes to read, listen to music, play sports, and is a fan of Star Wars and Marvel.

Adam Schwing

Graduate Student (MD-PhD)

Adam completed his undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at Rutgers University. During a post-baccalaureate IRTA fellowship at the NIH, he studied the human antibody lineages produced in response to Ebolavirus vaccination or infection. The power of lineage tracing techniques in unraveling the dynamics of the immune response inspired him to learn to apply them to other systems. In his free time, Adam enjoys fitness, cooking, and exploring New York City.

Tina Truong, MMSc

Senior Research Coordinator, Undiagnosed Diseases Program

Tina completed her undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences at Wellesley College and received her MMSc in Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling from Emory University School of Medicine. She previously worked in clinical research at Boston Children’s Hospital, investigating genomic sequencing through the BabySeq Project and an undiagnosed and rare diseases program. She enjoys working out, spending time outdoors, and adventuring through cities.

Marta Gronska-Peski, PhD

Post-doctoral fellow

Marta received her undergraduate degree in Biology from the City College of New York, and completed her PhD in Neuroscience at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In her graduate research, she studied the roles of FGF signaling in adult hippocampal neurogenesis and developed cell transplantation methods for cortical regeneration. Her future research interests are focused on developing methods for single-cell genomics and their application to brain tumors. In her free time, Marta likes to hike nature trails and explore NYC restaurants.

Benjamin Costa

Research Associate

Ben completed his undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences at Cornell University, spending much of his time in Cornell’s Computational Physiology Laboratory with Dr. Christiane Linster studying serotonin signaling modulation of olfactory perception within the olfactory bulb. In addition, Ben was a TA in Biochemistry and Genetics Lab courses. Ben has an interest in personalized medicine, and in the future wants to pursue a career combining medicine and research to develop new diagnostic and treatment methods for rare diseases. In his free time, he enjoys fitness, hiking, reading, and music.

Toby Aicher

Graduate Student (MD-PhD)

Toby received his undergraduate degree from Middlebury College in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. Before joining NYU’s MD-PhD program, he spent two years working as a research associate at MIT using single-cell RNA-sequencing to understand how the immune system responds to HIV infection. His primary lab interests lie in understanding the origins of brain tumors. Outside of lab, Toby enjoys hiking, tennis, and listening to podcasts.

Caitlin Loh, MS

Research Technician / Lab Manager

Caitlin completed her undergraduate degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology at Johns Hopkins University. She previously worked in neuropathology at the Lieber Institute for Brain Development, where she helped study post-mortem human brains to understand the biological underpinnings of psychiatric disease. Caitlin’s future goals include using her research experience to guide a career in genetic counseling. In her free time, she enjoys going to the movies, attending concerts, and traveling.


Mei Hong Liu (Research Associate, 2020-2022; Current: Medical student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine)

Ananya Jambhale (MD-PhD rotation student, 2022)

Rachel Bandler (MD-PhD student, 2020-2021; Current: Yale Psychiatry Residency Program)

Erica Sadler (MD-PhD rotation student, 2021)

Danielle Seda (Research Associate, 2019-2021; Current: Medical student at NYU)

Odelia Chorin (Research coordinator, 2019-2020; Current: Sheba Medical Center, Israel)

Una Choi (Research Associate, 2019-2020; Current: Medical student at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine)

Pei-Feng Hsu (PhD rotation student, 2020)

Brianna Berrios (PhD rotation student, 2019)

Samuel Magaziner (MD-PhD rotation student, 2019)

Kathleen McDonald (Master’s Student, 2018-2019)

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